Monday, 22 February 2010

Baclofen - Curing Our Alcoholism

Hi everyone
It's been a while. Things to sort out a bit.
"Asperger Autcast" brought me back out 'into the open' as it were.
I've absolutely no idea who he or she is, or whether they are one of the lots of new people contacting me personally thought the site. It doesn't matter. The presence of you all is so important.
I'm currently on Baclofen 40, 40, 40 and Atenolol 100mg x 2.
Feel absolutely fantastic. I've lost tons of weight, and am exercising regularly. Totally alcohol free without cravings.
I miss my Julie (she is Boo Boo on this site). Having said that, I don't believe that it is remotely reciprocated. I wish that it was.
Sorry for saying that, but it is MY diary.
Pip xx

Friday, 5 February 2010

Baclofen - Curing Our Alcoholism

Still feeling really down with all that is going on privately.
Morning cravings again. Went away very quickly. No more during day.
Baclofen 40, 40, 40. Atenolol 200mg
No alcohol.
Ordinarily, I would have be desperate for alcohol at times like this.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Baclofen - Curing Our Alcoholism

Doing better generally. Still very upset about matters close to me, but slowly it's getting better.
Woke up with terrible alcohol cravings this morning. After my Baclofen, it settled within an hour. No cravings since.
Yesterday, I cut back to Baclofen 40, 40, 40, which I am doing again today.
Atenolol 200mg. Also took a herbal "anxiolytic" called Kalms (the night time one), and that helped settle me and get me some sleep. It worked really well, and very gently with no hangover. Interesting that.
No alcohol yesterday. None today as yet!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Baclofen - Curing Our Alcoholism


The stresses and strains of the last couple of weeks has really got to me. I'm not really one for conflict at all, and some of the offensive stuff I'm getting through MWO PM's is sickening. These are meant to be caring adults. I tried to log on to MWO to block everything, but it will not let me on. Bollocks.
Further, things not working out anywhere else also. Getting bad cravings at the moment, very shaky inside. So upped the Baclofen. As before, this gave me a terrible migraine-type headache with smell and taste aura. I spent the whole day in bed yesterday. I got up to have a relaxing bath, and almost fainted, so just called it a day.
Baclofen 50, 50, 50. Atenolol 200mg.

No alcohol. NO ALCOHOL!!

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Baclofen - Curing Our Alcoholism

Still got the stomach bug. Actually it's getting worse again. Was up a lot through last two nights. Aarrgghh!!

Baclofen 40, 40, 40. Few cravings 'cos there's still a lot of ill feeling and upset around, which I don't handle well. I never have. Had a hot whisky toddy yesterday, again with the amount of weight I've lost over the last week or so, I'm just feeling the cold more than usual. Mind you, it is freezing here. I made the toddy last over an hour, in fact I had to keep warming it up again. That was enough, and I didn't have another.

Pip xx

Friday, 29 January 2010

Baclofen - Curing Our Alcoholism

Only just getting over the gastroenteritis. I lost so much weight. Yippee!!
Dog still poorly.
Julie still hates me.
Had a couple of very sugary, very honey-filled lemon toddies last night. One had a decent slug of whisky in it, because I felt so cold.
Didn't make me want to dive into the whole bottle, as it normally would.
Baclofen 40, 40, 40. I got my In-House supply sorted properly, which is great.
Pip xx

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Baclofen - Curing Our Alcoholism

Sorry no post yesterday. I have the mother of gastroenteritis. It's everywhere round here at the moment. I won't go into details, but Dear God!!!
And one of the dogs is sick as is going to the vets in the morning.
And Julie has told me never to contact her again, and leave her alone.
So, a great day was had by all.
But, a small glimmer of light. A very close and dear old friend of mine e-mailed me tonight. Completely out of the blue. Had seen me on Facebook, apparently. Although I never go on it, and my face isn't on it anyway!! We haven't met for almost 25 years. But we shall soon. Really cheered me up.
No booze. Few cravings, what with the tummy bug, the dog, and Julie. But no alcohol was taken.
I had to get up for my 400th visit to the toilet, so thought I'd do this before I go back to bed ... or the toilet.
Pip xx